“Car enthusiasts, who just happen to be lawyers.” ~ D. Rifkin

How It Began

In 2010, Amir Afsar was invited to join his client at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Show (SEMA) to assist in negotiating an exclusive sales contract. After using his passion for cars to successfully negotiate a lucrative agreement for his client, Mr. Afsar walked the vast SEMA grounds determined to combine his enthusiasm for cars with his business development and legal skills. With business contacts throughout the automotive industry, it seemed like the natural progression for his law firm.

The Return

The next year, Mr. Afsar returned to SEMA and was introduced to attorney, Edward Burns. Afsar shared with Burns his belief that a better client experience for automotive industry clients could be developed. The Afsar-Burns friendship came to life quickly thereafter as both shared a passion for cars and while holding complimentary legal skills. From business litigation to patent applications, and virtually everything in between, it was clear automotive businesses would be best served with their services combined. This combination, fueled by their enthusiasm for the aftermarket automotive industry, provides clients a better experience and outstanding results.

Here & Now

Today, Fast Lane Law is a division of Afsar Law Group, A.P.C. acting as legal counsel to a variety of aftermarket automotive and manufacturing businesses. We attend car shows big and small, industry events, and visit with clients at their facilities around the nation. Providing personalized attention to address your legal needs has been a central driver of our success. As premier aftermarket automotive business and litigation attorneys, we bring passion to growing your business, perspective to your business development, and together we achieve great results.